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Over the last six years, we’ve shepherded over 300 students through the intricacies of the college admissions process. Working one-on-one with our mentors, Ivy Scholars students gain control over their applications, saving hours of critical time and multiplying their admissions chances in the process. Transform your application today.

It's a different era in college admissions.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of high schoolers undergo a stressful, time consuming, and bewildering application process in the hopes of gaining admission to their dream schools. As applicant pools continue to grow and top tier acceptance rates slip to low single digits, though, college admissions is more competitive than ever. Ivy Scholars is here to help. Taking a client-centered approach, we design student-specific plans to ensure our applicants improve their admissions chances, craft compelling college essays, and produce stand out applications.

Our Services

The best time to prepare for college admissions is now. Whether you are an 8th grader looking to plot out their high school courses or a 12th grader crafting their college essays, we can help. We improve admissions outcomes through three primary services: Candidacy Building (8-11th), College Coaching (11th-12th), and Test Prep.

Candidacy Building

Designed for 8th - 11th graders, Candidacy Building is the art of crafting a competitive application profile from the ground up.

College Coaching

College admissions is complicated. We'll guide you through the process.

Test Prep

High SAT/ACT scores are a prerequisite for top tier schools. We'll help you get there.

The Ivy Scholars Competitive Edge

Frequently asked questions

No, we work with students seeking admission to a variety of schools. 60% of our students apply to top tier schools, and 40% apply to schools like Rice, the University of Texas at AustinSMU, Texas A&M, and Baylor.

The best time to start planning is 8th or 9th grade. Students are rarely self-motivated at this age, so parents have to take responsibility for helping their children to plan. Ideal students walk into their first day of high school with a list of extracurricular activities to explore and specialize in 1-2 activities by 10th grade. By 11th grade, a student’s college candidacy is mostly set, but quick intervention can still help juniors qualify for higher-tier admissions than they otherwise would.

A college admissions coach serves as an intermediary between parents and students, provides clear expert advice, structure,  and understands what universities want in an applicant. A student from Ivy Scholars class of 2018 (Wharton class of 2022) put it best, “going into the admissions process alone is like going to court without a lawyer – you put yourself at a significant disadvantage because you don’t have all the facts in front of you or the help you need to navigate the system.”

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