This is Michael from Houston, Texas. He attended Rice University.

Biggest Strength
A strong, established history of philanthropy and other extracurricular activities. 


Biggest Weakness
Writing essays for college applications.

Various philanthropic activities and rugby.

Competitiveness of Application

GPA (On a 5.0 Scale): 


ACT (Out of 36)


The Ivy Scholars Difference

We help the student craft essays that gave a behind-the-scenes look at how someone so young could become so accomplished. We further the student’s extracurricular profiles by becoming involved in academic research that complemented his philanthropic activities.


Students with complex accomplishments need to explain how they acquired their skills and perspective in their essays. Also, students should balance out their leadership and service experience with academic achievements to show intellectual vitality.


Building Michael into a solid writer who could compose top-tier material for college applications.

Michael was not confident in his writing abilities. He struggled to articulate himself and craft compelling rhetoric and did not feel comfortable brainstorming top-tier essays.

Originally, Michael chose to write his personal statement merely detailing his experiences: like a resume but an essay form. The personal statement is a 650-word essay that goes to every university the student applies to; it is the most important essay and the cornerstone of every successful application. This is a common mistake students make because they’re unfamiliar with the admissions process. Students who make this error are rarely admitted to universities because this type of writing only gives admissions officers insight into their accomplishments, not the mindset and abilities that led to those accomplishments. I had a resume that was teaming with impressive philanthropic work getting all the way back to early childhood and continuing throughout high school, but he was having trouble presenting his extraordinary accomplishments in the format his dream school required.


Ivy Scholars empowered Michael to focus and improve his writing ability through skillful mentorship and guidance.

The Ivy Scholars Difference

Michael worked with one of our most experienced mentors to hone his writing skills. Over the course of 3 months, Michael was able to develop his rhetorical ability to confidently and effectively convey his story. More importantly, however, he was able to strategically craft and present a compelling narrative to admissions committees. As a result of working with Ivy Scholars, Michael was able to showcase his development as a young leader and philanthropist, then outline how he’d continue to build his leadership skills at university. This displayed his depth of character and reinforced his biggest strength, his philanthropic work.  

Admissions Outcome

Michael was admitted to Rice University, where he is currently studying business.