Demystifying the SAT & ACT®

When you work with Ivy Scholars, you receive full access to Demystifying the SAT & ACT®, a premium test prep course by Bob Alexander, founder of The 15-hour course contains 120 comprehensive video lessons that serve as excellent supplements to our complete program.

There are countless test prep courses available, making it challenging to sift through and determine what is actually essential for SAT and ACT success. Unlike other test prep courses that reteach students the material they’re taught in school, teaches them to think like a test writer. In essence, the curriculum helps you know the test writer’s game plan before you play the game.

Bob Alexander likes to say to his students, “Yes, I’ve lived on the dark side as a test writer for the SAT publisher.” Since 1995, he has been using this knowledge to teach students everything he knows about test writing and test preparation.

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Course Highlights

With, individual high schools and entire school districts have documented SAT average score improvements of 180-225 points. (Individual results may vary)

  • A unique, confidence-building approach to the current SAT and ACT.
  • A flexible program that is tailored to your student’s needs.
  • Engaging, exclusive, and proven test-taking strategies.
  • 120 HD quality videos with on-screen teachers.
  • 13 enlightening college admissions videos.
  • Automated note-taking exercises, or “Wizard Reviews,” are sent to students after each video lesson for additional practice.
  • The Demystifying the SAT & ACT® Student Guide that contains over 270 pages of information.
  • Six test-taking principles to help maximize your score.
  • Over 400 sample questions that reveal test-writer tricks and traps.
  • Engaging, exclusive, and proven test-taking strategies.
  • Countless SAT and ACT insider secrets.
  • Effective strategies the test writers won’t tell you.

Meet "The Wizard," Bob Alexander

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