College Application Coaching

Over the past six years, Ivy Scholars has guided more than 300 students through the gambit of the college application process. Approaching each student as a unique case, we help high schoolers craft applications that balance personality with strategy. As an Ivy Scholars student, you’ll stand out in the sea of applicants.

Where to Begin

College admissions is one of the most confusing, competitive, and consequential processes a high schooler will go through. Yet, as admissions rates plummet and applicant pools swell, many qualified students struggle to differentiate themselves.

At Ivy Scholars, you’re in good hands. Our experts empower students to craft standout material while simultaneously guiding them through the complex college admissions process. When our students hit submit, you know they’ve done their best.

Read on to learn how we deliver success.

The Ivy Scholars Way

"Unique approaches for unique applicants."

Ivy Scholars takes a client-centric approach to college admissions consulting. After compiling an academic profile, we craft a strategic application plan that optimizes your student’s admissions results. Paired with colleges that match their unique personal and academic goals, our students are set up for success before they even submit their first application. 

“Taking the stress out of college applications with experience.”

We pair students with one of our mentors, who walk them through the college admissions process from beginning to end. As graduates of top-tier institutions like Harvard, Columbia, and Johns Hopkins, we know what it takes to get into some of the most competitive colleges in the country.

“Position yourself for success.”

Rather than turning our students into someone they aren’t, we help them showcase their best qualities in a way that appeals to admissions officers. Our approach produces exceptional results: on average, Ivy Scholars students are 3x times more likely to be admitted to top-tier universities during the 2019-2020 admissions season. Our admit rate for UT Austin alone was 83%!

“Crafting great personal statements.”

The Personal Statement is the heart of the college application. Yet, most applicants struggle to effectively convey their unique personalities and abilities within the strict word count. Ivy Scholars’ writing experts work with applicants to craft essays that don’t just tell their stories but highlight their skills, values, and achievements – all within 650 words.

“Strategic supplementals.”

Why that Major? Why Us, specifically? Tell us about your ‘Leadership’ experience. Huh? 

Institutions use college-specific supplemental essays to find unique students for their incoming class. Ivy Scholars reduces student workload by focusing time on essays that are applicable to multiple institutions. We help our students craft supplemental essays that show admissions officers how they will add to their new college environment.

"Support from start to finish."

At Ivy Scholars, we understand that the smallest details can make the biggest difference. That’s why we review every application prior to submission in order to ensure everything is just right. You’ll submit your application with peace of mind knowing it’s the best it could have been. However, our help doesn’t end after you press submit. We also prepare our students for admissions interviews, advise them on financial aid, and assist in college course selection.

The Ivy Scholars Competitive Advantage

Our results speak for themselves. Last year, our personalized approach, attention to detail, and college admissions expertise led our students to be 3x times* more likely to get into their top-choice school.

Ivy Scholars college coaching will help get you in.

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